Managing the recruitment process from start to finish


Managing the recruitment process from start to finish


Recruitment Management

Facilitates the collection and verification of employee information

 Publish job postings and manage job applications

 Schedule and conduct interviews

 Keep track of recruitment stages and status  

Key Features of Recruitment Management

Job Postings

HR departments can create and manage job postings through the system, including information on the job description, required skills, and salary.

Candidate Applications

Candidates can submit applications through the system, and HR departments can review and manage applications through the same platform.

Interview Management

HR departments can schedule and manage interviews through the system, including interview dates, times, and locations.

Hiring Process

HR departments can manage the hiring process through the system, including offer letters, background checks, and new hire onboarding.

Recruitment Reports

HR departments can generate reports on recruitment metrics, including the number of job postings, the number of candidate applications, and time-to-hire.

Human Resource Module

The Recruitment Management feature in the Human Resource Module in PinasPay provides a streamlined solution for managing the recruitment process. With this feature, HR departments can manage the entire recruitment process from job postings to new hire onboarding, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.