Managing employee expenses


Managing employee expenses

Expense Management

Reduces costs associated with expense reimbursement, improve accuracy and transparency, and ensure compliance with policies and regulations

 Generate performance reports and analyze data

 Reimburse employee expenses and keep track of expense reports

 Generate expense reports and analyze data

Key Features of Expense Management

Expense Submission

Employees can submit expenses through the system, including receipts and explanations for each expense.

Expense Approval

HR departments can review and approve expenses through the system, ensuring that expenses are reimbursed promptly and accurately.

Expense Reports

HR departments can generate reports on employee expenses, including expense reports, expenses by category, and expenses by an employee.

Integration with Payroll

The Expense Management feature integrates with the Payroll module to ensure that employee expenses are deducted from payroll automatically.

Human Resource Module

The Expense Management feature in the Human Resource Module in PinasPay provides a simple and efficient solution for managing employee expenses. With this feature, HR departments can manage expenses efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that expenses are reimbursed promptly.