Managing employee payroll


Managing employee payroll

Payroll Management

On-time and accurate salary and benefit payments, reduction of labor costs, and enhancement of employee satisfaction and engagement

 Calculate employees salaries

 Manage employee taxes, deductions, and benefits

 Generate payroll reports and pay slips for employees

Key Features of Payroll Management

Payroll Calculation

The Payroll Management feature calculates payroll based on employee salaries, allowances, deductions, and taxes.

Payroll Integration

The Payroll Management feature integrates with other HR features, such as Attendance Management and Expense Management, to ensure that payroll is calculated accurately.

Payroll Reports

HR departments can generate reports on payroll, including payroll reports, payroll by the employee, and payroll by the department.

Payroll Processing

HR departments can process payroll through the system, including the generation of pay stubs and direct deposit files.

Human Resource Module

The Payroll Management feature in the Human Resource Module in PinasPay provides a simple and efficient solution for managing employee payroll. With this feature, HR departments can manage payroll efficiently, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that employees are paid promptly and accurately.