Performance Management

Managing employee performance

Performance Management

Managing employee performance

Performance Management

Aligns employee performance with company goals and objectives and provides a basis for fair and accurate performance-based compensation

 Evaluate employee performance through appraisals and review processes

 Set performance goals and objectives for employees

 Generate performance reports and analyze data

Key Features of Performance Management

Goals and Objectives

HR departments can set goals and objectives for employees through the system, which can then be reviewed and updated as needed.

Performance Evaluations

HR departments can conduct performance evaluations through the system, including 360-degree evaluations, self-evaluations, and peer evaluations.

Feedback and Coaching

The Performance Management feature provides a platform for HR departments to provide feedback and coaching to employees, helping to identify areas for improvement and support professional development.

Performance Reports

HR departments can generate reports on employee performance, including performance evaluations, goal attainment, and areas for improvement.

Human Resource Module

The Performance Management feature in the Human Resource Module in PinasPay provides a comprehensive solution for managing employee performance. With this feature, HR departments can assess employee performance, provide feedback and coaching, and support professional development, all through a single platform.