Managing employee attendance


Managing employee attendance

Attendance Management

Reduce labor costs associated with lost productivity, overtime, and temporary staffing

  Generate attendance reports and analyze data

  Configure shift schedules and overtime rules

  Record employee attendance and calculate working hours 

Key Features of Attendance Management

Time Tracking

Employees can log their time worked through the system, including time-in, time-out, and breaks.

Attendance Reports

HR departments can generate reports on employee attendance, including daily, weekly, and monthly attendance reports.

Leave Tracking

The Attendance Management feature integrates with the Leave Management feature to track employee leave, ensuring that leave balances are up-to-date.


The Attendance Management feature helps HR departments ensure compliance with company policies, including overtime policies, leave policies, and time-off policies.

Human Resource Module

The Attendance Management feature in the Human Resource Module in PinasPay provides a simple and efficient solution for managing employee attendance. With this feature, HR departments can ensure that attendance is tracked accurately and that compliance with company policies is maintained.