Payroll Management System

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Cloud Based Payroll Management System

PinasPay is a cloud-based payroll management system that provides organizations with a flexible and scalable solution for payroll operations.
The system automates payroll processes and offers employee data management, security, and reduced hardware costs.

PinasPay Payroll Management Solution


Employee Information Management

Centralized platform for efficiently organizing and maintaining crucial employee data

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Leave Management

 Fully integrated system for overseeing and administering leave requests and approvals

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Recruitment Management

End-to-end platform that streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring an effective hiring experience

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Attendance Management

All-inclusive solution that efficiently manages the tracking and reporting of employee attendance

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Performance Management

Comprehensive solution, enhancing performance to drive organizational success

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Expense Management

A robust solution that seamlessly handles the processes and reimbursement of expenses

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Payroll Management

Automates employee payments and record keeping for tax reporting and compliance 

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Reporting & Analyzing

Comprehensive solution for analyzing HR data

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PinasPay Payroll Management Solution



Customizable allows HR departments to select the data and metrics that are most important to them.

Real-time Data

Provides real-time data on HR data, enabling HR departments to make informed decisions in a timely manner.


Visualizations of HR data, including charts, graphs, and tables, to help communicate data effectively. 

Key Metrics

Key metrics on HR data, such as employee headcount, attendance, and performance. 

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Human Resource Module

Human Resource Module in PinasPay provides a real-time overview of HR data and performance. With this feature, HR departments can quickly and easily identify trends, issues, and opportunities, helping them to make informed decisions based on data.


Real-time overview of HR data and performance

The Dashboard in the Human Resource Module in PinasPay provides a real-time overview of HR data and performance. This feature provides HR departments with a visual representation of HR data, helping them to quickly identify trends, issues, and opportunities.


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PinasPay Payroll Management System Features

Safe & Secured

PinasPay   implements robust security measures to protect sensitive employee and financial data. The software eliminates the need for hardware investment and server maintenance, enabling businesses to manage payroll effectively.